European Media Systems Survey


How to obtain the data

Summaries of the key findings of the 2010 EMSS study are available first as a series of visual displays freely available for both reproduction and further analysis in any publication or presentation on condition of the proper acknowledgement of the source (see the How to cite section below). These charts comprise Part V of the complete study report that is available here.

The charts are provided in Portable Network Graphics format with English language labels and can be downloaded from here packed in a single zip file. Users who wish to use these charts but with the text appearing in a different language than English should send an email specifying their request and providing accurate translation of all text in the given charts into the language of their choice to Gabor Toka at tokag at, and enter “request for EMSS 2010 charts” in the subject line.

Tables about cross-national differences on individual variables can be downloaded here as an Excel file that contains country-by-country descriptive statistics (national mean, minimum, maximum, standard deviation) for all study variables. Users who wish to undertake their own statistical analyses of the data can download the complete country- and media outlet-level data sets in SPSS and STATA format through our data download page.

How to cite

Users of the SPSS, STATA or Excel files downloadable from our website are kindly requested to identify their source as:

Marina Popescu, Tania Gosselin and Jose Santana Pereira. 2010. “European Media Systems Survey 2010.” Data set. Colchester, UK: Department of Government, University of Essex. URL:

Presentations and publications using our charts and Excel tables are requested to contain a reference to:

Marina Popescu with Gabor Toka, Tania Gosselin, and Jose Santana Pereira. 2012. “European Media Systems Survey 2010: Results and Documentation.” Research report. Colchester, UK: Department of Government, University of Essex. URL: